Basic JavaScript at FreeCodeCamp

Basic Javascript for Secret Project -- Also, rainbows!

Posted by Kyle R. Conway - January 21, 2019

I'm going through the Basic Javascript section of FreeCodeCamp's Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification. While I feel like I've been aware of "Basic" Javascript for a couple of years just from my work on so many companies' websites (and other personal projects) I always have the nagging feeling that since I've not actually sat down to just learn Javascript I've missed something important.

So far that has not been true. It must be said, however, that I'm extremely impressed with FreeCodeCamp's curriculum. It's quite literally step-by-small-step in learning the language and it's features. Even though I've been completely aware of everything in the course so far it still takes quite an impressive amount of time to go through just because of how broken up it is. I'm thinking about having my young son go through the course because of how guided it is and how much it builds on itself slowly as it goes. Very much recommended for someone starting out. I think my progress here is driven entirely by: "Did I miss something core when I was building and designing all those websites?"

Probably I did. There's a lot left beyond the "Basic" moniker in their Javascript course and I'm excited to learn it, not least of which because I'm trying to get deeper into Processing, which has the wonderful p5js javascript library that's fully and instantaneously compatible with the web. Hopefully I can start building more interesting things. Again, I have a project in mind that I'm keeping to myself at the moment. It would combine code, design, likely APIs, sales, and some good old-fashioned marketing. And I'm pretty sure it would be cool. (does that term date me?)