Posted by Kyle R. Conway - January 19, 2019

I've been messing about with the Processing language|library|framework for a while now. I've just recently begun doing so in earnest and it's been a joy. Today I messed about with the Java implementation and, to more easily post this here, translated the Java thing I quickly coded up to Javascript using the P5js web editor. This is by no means complex, but it's relatively beautiful.

As I progress I'll likely post more of these here and elsewhere. One of the things I'm planning on working toward is migrating some of the more tedious design work I do into processing to more quickly get the data processing work I do into a visual medium capable of SVG export that will allow much quicker design iteration from the standpoint of what is now a mostly manual setup to create graphs and charts. While I've messed around in R and MatPlotLib I've found them limiting for the more creative types of designs and infographics I've focused on creating.

At any rate―enjoy!